Winter Solstice 2020

Today is the shortest day of the year i.e.  Winter Solstice

Last year Winter Solstice was on  22 December.  But this time  this winter  solstice is on 21 December,  in 2017 also this winter solstice  was only on 21 December.

Winter begins to grow from Winter Solstice.  From today, winter begins in the Northern Hemisphere while summer begins in the South Hemisphere.

The longest day of the year is between 20 and 23 June, the same day and night time is equal from 21 March to 23 September because at this time the sun is just above the equator of the Earth, which we call Equator.

The Earth's one year completes in 365.25 days. That is, every year when the rays of the sun comes to the earth at the shortest time, the time is shifted to 6 hours, which is why every year there is a leap year in 4 years.  For this reason Winter Solstice is sometimes on the 20th of December or sometimes 21,22, on the 23rd of December.