It is a famous dish in India (especially in Gujarat) made with a fermented batter of rice and urad dal, served with Onions and chilies.

Matar Paneer

It is a dish that is highly renowned in north India, consists of peas, paneer, and amazing flavorsome spices. It is known for its luring taste.

Chicken Tandoori

It is a chicken dish that consists of roasted chicken in tandoor, it is served with onions, lemons, and green chutney. Known for its heavenly taste.

Chicken Biryani

It is discovered by the Indian Muslims, this dish is a mixture of rice, masala, and chicken/ meat/ egg. Served with Onions, coriander, and lemons It is known for its Royal Taste.

Butter Chicken

This dish consists of Chicken gravy full of butter and marination with curd and spices, this dish is very popular in the whole of India for its adorable taste.


It is the tongue taste of India we can say almost in all places of India panipuri is famous as street food, and very well known for its flavorsome taste.

Vada pav

It is a Bun street food consists of Bun and potato vada inside, known for its spicy taste it is very prominent in Maharashtra side of India. Served with green chilly and chutney.

Chicken Lollipop

It is a dish full of taste it is very popular in India for its amazing mouth melting taste, It is famous in India for its rich taste, served with onions and chutneys.

Dal Tadka

This dish is one of the most famous lentil dishes served in Indian restaurants and dhabas, known for its spicy taste and also for many health benefits.


It is a baked or fried area filled with spiced potatoes, onions, peas, etc. It is famous in India served with onions, fried chilies, and chutney.