Top 10 facts about Suicide Squad-2

Warner Bros has finally confirmed the release date of Suicide Squad-2 on 6th August 2021

Even after the Fan's great      demand of Suicide Squad Ayer’s cut Warner Bros declined to make the remake      of the movie and concentrates on Part-2 of suicide squad.

The Suicide Squad-2 movie is completely directed by a new Director James Gunn.

It is a soft reboot of the 2016 movie Suicide Squad sequel.

John Cena will play Peacemaker, a character which is highly significant he’s even getting an HBO Max mini-series that Gunn will write and direct.

It is the first movie taken by comics in which all the villains are in main characters.

In this movie, Harley Quinn’s Character story is mostly liked and prior by all fans.

Similar to the justice league in this movie also all the Anti-heroes are deployed by the government for the black ops mission.

This movie is R-rated and after seeing the trailer fans are showing highly positivity for this movie.

It is seen that in this movie most of all Anti-heroes have some-about issues with Batman.