Suicide squad Fans Trends 'Release The Ayer Cut' 

After releasing the justice league Snyder's cut as per the fan's demand, now DC fans want Suicide squad David Ayer’s cut.

This gets crazy when David Ayer previously revealed that they shot more scenes but showed less on the theatrical version.

Suicide Squad was released in 2016 but due to missing originality and fewer scenes, it can’t stand up to the mark of its audience's eyes.

In this movement, DC fans want the movie again with completely directed by David Ayer with complete scenes.

This movement get spark after the release of Snyder's cut movie which seems a great success.

But after the comment by Studios CEO Sarnoff on Twitter- “We won’t be developing David Ayers cut, Fans get Stumbled.

David Ayer said that this version has featured much more of Jared Leto’s Joker.

Ayer also suggested releasing his version of suicide squad would be relatively cheap estimating the cost of about $20- 30 million only as compared to Snyder's cut of $70 million.

Warner Bros said by seeing the Snyder’s cut myth to reality suddenly, we are not sure about this suicide squad Ayer’s cut.