Creamy popsicle Delicious milky Candy

Blueberry Ice-cream with stick Ice cream with blueberry flavor and stick like a Popsicle.

Strawberry Current ice-cream It is a rich western delicacy, a ice-cream with strawberries and cream in it.

Malai Kulfi As everyone knows in India that it’s a Indian chillaxing street delicacy.

Fruit smoothie A proper combination and flavorful delicacy.

Falooda Indian delicacy the mixture of cream, ice cream, fruits and pop beans with many nuts inside.

Ice-cream Biscuit It is a combination of Biscuit and ice-cream.

Cold Strawberry cheese cake Yummy cheese, strawberry cake Ice-cream.

Fruit Jelly Everyone’s favorite the swinging jelly.

Lassi It is a Punjabi delicacy prepare from curd, sugar and fruit pulps.

Jelly cake As the name suggest it is a mixture of jelly and cake.

4 in 1 flavored ice-cream A ice-cream with four flavors sounds so, mouthwatering right?