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Sandes app is an Indian freeware cross instant messaging (IM) and Voice over IP (VoIP) service developed by the Government of India as an alternative to whatsapp.

The Government of India started this project as a part of its Make in India and Digital India initiative

How to download Sandes App ?



After opening you will see a + box at bottom right just like in WhatsApp, click on that + box and after that all your saved contacts has been synced with your Application.

Open the application

How To Use



Its use is as simple as WhatsApp.

After syncing you will see list of your contacts there, now you can message to your any contacts.

How To Use

Important Highlights

1) Do note that when you download this application the name is displayed as GIMS (Government Instant Messaging System). 2) It has a very similar Interface like WhatsApp. 3) You can also signup with email instead of only phone number. 4) You can also access this app from its official Website also.

5) You can share videos and photos up to 500MB, Obviously more than WhatsApp. 6) You have the option of backup even with your email. 7) It is much secured and privacy confidential as compared to WhatsApp. 8) You can also check weather details of your city in the app.