10 Weird Food Dishes Around The World

Fried Tarantulas, Cambodia

Did you ever imagined to eat wall climbing eight legs monster.

Fertilized Eggs, The Philippines

Fertilised eggs which gives you the taste of both chicken and egg; Sound’s nasty right!

Live Octopus, Korea

Living octopus in your dish, quite horrible right!

Snake Wine, Vietnam

If you’re a wine lover, than surely you will change your mind after seeing this.

Puffer fish, Japan

A fish which consist tetrodotoxin 1250 times stronger than cynide…oooh! Gosh.

Birds Nest Soup, China

Yes, as the name suggests its bird’s nest soup

Tuna eye balls, Japan

Ever seen Tuna eyeball a dish

Wasp Crackers, Japan

uuuh! Just quite frightening

Escargots à la BourguignonneFrance

It’s a snail dish, unbelievably nasty right!

Century Egg / 100 Year Old Egg / 1000 Year Old Egg – China

Ya, its true a 100/1000 year old egg, which is much expensive than you think.