10 Myths And Facts About Tuberculosis

Myth- There is only one type of Tuberculosis

Fact- There are many types of TB but primarily people are mostly affected with Lungs Tuberculosis Disease.

Myth- You can only get tuberculosis once

Fact- People who have cured from tuberculosis can get infected again.

Myth- Tuberculosis is  un-curable

Fact- It can be cured if patient followed the routine and procedure prescribed by the doctor.

Myth- People who are poor those only get this TB disease

Fact- No, anyone regardless of economic barriers can get this disease.

Myth- Tuberculosis is hereditary

Fact- TB is not caused by genes it is an airborne disease it affects if someone get close contact with already having tuberculosis person.

Myth- BCG vaccination offers guaranteed protection from TB

Fact- No, because cases seen that a person who already took a BCG vaccine get affected at later Stage

Myth- I don’t smoke than also affecting with TB possible

Fact- Yes, as it is an airborne disease anyone can get affect with this disease.

Myth- If a person affected with Tuberculosis infection in the lungs than later in lungs also development of cancer possible.

Fact- Yes it is possible, many cases has seen in which a person affected with tuberculosis disease on later stage develops Cancer.

Myth- If a tuberculosis person coughs at me than I also get this disease

Fact- Tuberculosis is not so easily contacted, one have to become very close to affected person for several days and nights.

Myth- TB is caused by excessive smoking

Fact- No, it is caused by the bacteria named Mycobacterium tuberculosis