10 Best Places To Eat Chola Bhature In Delhi

A delicious plate of Chole Bhature is available at Sita Ram Point in Paharganj. Since 1950, it sells the entire plate of Chole Bhature, which consists of two bhatura and one bowl. The dish is served with a special vegetable, which consists of a mixture of prepared potatoes and spices. 

Sita Ram Diwan Chand

With stuffed bhatura, onion ring, tangy chutney and a bowl of finger licking chickpeas, Chache di Hatti has become a place you would love to visit everyday to enjoy the appetizing and heart-warming taste ! Located in the bustling area of ​​Delhi University, North Campus, it is a pocket-friendly place that impresses everyone.

Chache Di Hatti

This is another iconic Chole Bhature from the mythological list. Odian Sweets at Gol Bazaar is a quaint little place where you can see everything that is touching and mouth watering. For us though, Chole Bhature tops the list here. Here the hot bhaturo and deciduous chola are served with tikki pickles and onions, the odon sweets are a must visit at least once.

Odeon Sweets

From college goers, auto walls to corporate big-wigs, the place is quite popular among the general public. If you ask food enthusiasts at your favorite Chole Bhature places in Delhi, then this place comes first. But be prepared to fight the crowd here for a plate of Bhaturs as this place is often full of people.

Baba Nagpal Corner 

There is another place of this place in Karol Bagh, Bhatura and their tasty chickpeas are polished with a mixture of urad dal and red chilli on the Om corner.

Om Corner

The place has been in operation for decades, this restaurant located in the middle of Delhi, Bengali market, Mandi Ghar, offers a range of Indian Chaita and Mithai dishes. A plate of soft cholas and soft bhature is enough to satisfy you from this place and is also essential for lunch.

Bhimsain's Bengali Sweet House

Don't go by the name because this popular food joint in Karol Bagh has a host of dishes that can take your taste buds for a spin. Its Bhatura is very popular and filling the stomach, so make sure to go on an empty stomach.

Roshan Di Kulfi

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